• 1981 - Company Founded。
  • 1991 - Received the approval from Taiwan Stock Exchange and have become a Public Stock Comapny 。
  • 1992 - Increased Investment and set up a new factory at Chang Hwa,received the award winning trophy for the most important investment and best Automate Production Line demostration factory in textile industry from Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1992.
  • 1993 - Brand Name 『Sea Gull』received "Private Branding" Minister Award from Ministry of Economic Affairs ,same year in August also received the top winning trophy for the 2nd National SME outstanding Award。
  • 1994 - Received the approval from Taiwan Stock Exchange and have become a Public Stock Listed Comapny 。
  • 1995 - Received ISO 9002 approval。
  • 1996 FEB- Set up Yi Tong Fiber Co., Ltd, statup funding partners includes Far East Co., Ltd, Hsin Sin Textiles Co., Ltd and Zig Sheng Industrial Co., 。
    AUG- outstanding operating performance,Yi Jinn has become Blue Chips stock in the stock exchange market。
  • 1997 - Established Yi Jinn company headquater office and purchased the office building at Taipei.
  • 1998
    FEB- Set up Hang Zhou Yi Jinn Industrial Co., Ltd and purchased 2979000 Square Meter。
    AUG- Established Jin Sian Social Welfare Foundation,Helping those with low income and disabilities families.
  • 2008 AUG- Received Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan Accredition for 「100%Recycle polyester bottle fiber 」,Serial Number 4074 and 4075。
  • 2009 NOV- Due to increase in sales activities and to improve service quality, the head office have relocated to NASDAQ building in Neihu Dist.。
  • 2010 OCT- Purchased new machinery, warehouse and industrial land in Tai Nan.
    NOV- Set up Tai Nan Polyester Spining Manufactory, Yi Jinn now has become a vertical intergrated Polyester fiber/ textured yarn。
  • 2011 APR- received "Job creation award" from consistenly creating new job vacancy, benefiting general public 」。
  • 2013 AUG- have become a major shareholder in Kwang Ming Silk Co., Ltd 。
  • 2015 FEB- Have become the majority shareholder in Hung Chou Fiberr Co., Ltd.。